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  1. Yellow honeydews worth their weight in gold

     Yellow honeydews worth their weight in gold

    At Rocky Ponds Produce we produce a range of melons. The yellow-skinned honeydew is a favourite in our house.

    The first thing you will notice is the intense colour of the skin. Traditionally, honeydew melons are pale green but Gold Honeydew melons are bright yellow. This colour makes Gold Honeydew melons very attractive as they easily contrast with other fruit and vegetables in the fruit bowl. The internal colour is also different. While traditional honeydew melons are pale green inside, Gold Honeydew melons have white flesh. This also produces a nice contrast, especially if this melon is used for salads. The shape of Gold Honeydew melons is also different. Traditional honeydew melons are round, while Gold Honeydew melons are more elongated reminding us of a more exotic fruit.


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